Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Perception is Reality!

Click on the title link to this post for a recent eBay discussion board thread on why eBay isn't mentioned in Women's magazines as the place to shop this holiday season. There are some interesting takes.

Celebrities use eBay as a promotional vehicle, crooks use ebay for scams, Kooks use eBay to sell ad space on body parts but what is the perception of the nearly 700,000 regular folks who use eBay to make all or part of their monthly income?

They are hobbyists, stay at home mom's, handicapped, but they can't be real business people (that's the perception but it isn't reality) eBay has a perception problem and sellers need to be aware of that. My suggestion: I would take the eBay off of your business cards and begin calling yourselves online retailers. Perception is reality and how eBay is perceived in the world won't change.