Thursday, December 14, 2006

eBay Related Links You May be Interested In!

The eBay Gulag! - I came across this article on Scot Wingo's eBay Strategies blog. Be careful who you associate with. They may put you out of business.

Here's a great Org. Chart on eBay management. It details where the new employees (Linton and Justus) fit in the scheme of things. Pay close attention to where Bill Cobb is placed. It seems to me everyone could report just as easily to John Donahoe as to Bill Cobb. (I found this on Ina Steiner's Blog).


Ebay Strategies said...

This blog relates to Scot Wingo's Ebay Strategies that there is a great org.chart on ebay management deals with giving details where the new employees fit in the scheme of things. This is relevant to ebay online business that one should know these strategies before implementing.

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