Tuesday, November 14, 2006

eBay Seller Rewards Programme (Program for the US)

Well, today has been a busy day in eBay land. EBay UK has just announced a seller reward program. I was turned onto this news by an email from Bob Peck of Bear Stearns and Scot Wingo wrote about it in his blog.

I'm not sure if this is a UK management decision (they do give each market some autonomy) or a decision from on high (San Jose)

It would not help the largest sellers on eBay much, they cap the program at 250 pounds ($474 US) While I would have gladly taken $474 dollars a month in discounts (that would have just paid for my phone bill). A more equitable approach would be a declining percentage with no cap.

Let's hope they roll it out in the US soon. My suggestion to eBay is; if you are going to roll this out on the US site then give your sellers a heads up. Many of them will be making decisions in regards to staying on eBay after the holidays and this info could help in the decision-making.

Maybe, eBay is actually listening. The jury is still out.