Tuesday, November 21, 2006

eBay Discussion Board Thread of the Day!

I have decided to post eBay discussion boards thread each day so my readers can get a feel for what some Sellers are saying about eBay. I would have thought the anger would have subsided by now but apparently every time an executive from eBay is quoted it grows again. Please remember only a small percentage of Sellers post on discussion threads and most don't post when things are going well so take that into consideration when reading their comments but don't discount their positions.

Today's thread is a discussion of the interview Meg did with the San Francisco Chronicle. Something I commented on yesterday.

One comment to highlight was from user clact and comment #10

Regarding Stores in Search:

"After hearing the "Cobb reports" of buying problems I checked all the board, I searched, scanned, asked everyone I knew, asked people taking my wifes ebay classes. I couldnt find ANYONE , NOONE having problems finding things or finding a "degraded experience".

Much to the contrary people were finding things they never found before that lay hidden in stores. The site was feeding on itself in a frenzy. Store owners ,with growing sales were responding with rapid inventory growth. They were also BUYING more than they ever bought on the site as they were flush with cash in their paypal accounts."

Just a taste of what sellers are saying.