Sunday, October 15, 2006

Will Participating in Discussion Boards Help your Business?

During the 5 years I sold on eBay I never once read a discussion/message board. I wasn't sure I would benefit in anyway by participating on those boards. Now that I no longer sell on eBay and have evolved into commentator/observer and blogger on everything eBay; I've spent a lot of time on these message boards. While I can no longer post because eBay banned me I can still read them. Sure, there is still a lot of anger but I also see many productive threads that reveal the ingenuity and creativity of American entrepreneurs. Most, of these users will never have large businesses but if they can reach their personal goals they will be successful.

A recent thread illustrates my point; the OP (original poster) is struggling with eBay fees in relationship to sales and is asking for help. The responses will surprise you. Please take the time to read the thread.