Sunday, October 08, 2006

Weekend news bits you may not have seen:

Rumors: Google-eBay Click-to-Call Marriage On The Rocks?

It appears now that this was a hoax. Hacker Cracks Google Blog

That's why I called this information a Rumor.

Articles: Can you earn a living on eBay?

As a former seller, who for many years earned a living on eBay, I have a contrary point of view on this subject. I think the title of this article should have been: Can you earn “some income” on eBay? In my view it is getting increasingly more difficult to earn a living on eBay but I believe you can certainly still make some extra cash. If you are looking for eBay to be your path to riches you might consider looking elsewhere. The cost of doing business on eBay increases every year and while it is true that there is a lower cost of entry than other traditional businesses making a living on eBay will not come cheaply. Entry is easy growth is expensive! Go into this with your eyes wide open.