Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Resources Related to eBay's Q3 Earnings Report

eI've tried to gather a number of resources dealing with eBay's earnings report on 10-18-2006. Read these titles carefully before you click on to the site and read the whole article. It looks like the consensus is "3rd Quarter numbers were great but....." I've made the point several times over the past month that eBay is a "Ship without a Rudder" and it certainly appears to be the case. If Management is not confident in the 4th Quarter of 2006 and FY 2007 why should investors be?
  1. eBay's Q3 2006 Earnings Call - Listen to a recording of eBay's earnings call.
  2. eBay Q3 2006 Earnings Call Transcript - If you don't have time to listen.
  3. EBay's Profit Rises, but Growth Of Core Business Is Questioned - Wall Street Journal
    (This is a Subscription Site) - Quote -"EBay's outlook for the rest of this year and for 2007 is mixed. The company projected a 17% to 21% rise in 2007 revenue over 2006 revenue to about $7.17 billion on the high end. That falls short of Wall Street's current 2007 consensus estimate of $7.35 billion in revenue, according to Thomson Financial."
  4. Soft Guidance at eBay - - Quote: "eBay posted a 10% earnings gain for its third quarter but the online auction's guidance kept alive concerns about the company's core domestic business."
  5. UPDATE - EBay posts profit up 10 percent, cautious on 2007 - Reuters Quote: "But analysts said it is too early to say whether steps the company is taking to reaccelerate growth in its core business are working and the company forecast 2007 revenue sharply below Wall Street forecasts. "
  6. Auction Leader eBay Exceeds Q3 Views, But Its Outlook Lags - Investor's Business Daily - Quote: "EBay is still king of online auctions, but these days its crown is looking a little worn.
    The online auctioneer on Wednesday reported third-quarter results that beat analysts' expectations, but its outlook for the fourth quarter and for 2007 lagged views."
  7. eBay: Holding Firm, for Now - Business Week - Quote: The online auction site's third-quarter earnings just beat expectations,but can it live up to 2007 forecasts?
  8. Rock-a-Buy eBay - The Motley Fool - Quote: "It was another mixed quarter at eBay even though this tug-of-war found the optimists muscling a little more pull than the pessimists."

It appears PayPal has become the king of eBay, Inc. and Skype may be the lap dog. We still don't know which way Skype will go and it appears neither does eBay. From the earnings call Meg Whitman says in regards to Skype she's "cautiously optimistic and will give better guidance at end of Q4". In my view the words "cautiously optimistic" means she doesn't have a clue.

Now let's see how the Market reacts. So far eBay's stock is up 6.25% today as of 3:30 EST. I guess the markets have spoken


bonni said...

Yes, I agree that by "cautiously optimistic" Meg actually means "crossing our fingers and hoping this will work".

Also totally agree that eBay is a ship without a rudder. Or, perhaps, a kite without a string...

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