Wednesday, October 11, 2006

PS-3 Pre-Orders a No-No on eBay

With the street date of Sony's PlayStation 3 more than 30 days away (Nov. 17th), sellers who jumped the gun and listed auctions or store listings have seen their listings cancelled and according to this blog some have had their user ID's suspended (though I haven't confirmed this)

I did a quick search for PS3's on eBay and it appears T&S didn't get them all. Some listings are still going on. Is eBay once again removing listings only on those items that have been reported or are they doing a simple search like I just did and removing all of them. (Apparently eBay was able to get around to this and many other PS3 listings)

I have no opinion on listing preorders for PS3's I do want eBay to apply the rules to every seller. Now why is it they couldn't remove the Louis Vuitton fakes. Selective enforcement is useless eBay.