Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Future of eBay

I just thought I would post this because it was interesting. Not much new but still interesting.

Just my 15%


russ said...

Nice post Randy,

Good to see the corporate BS, take what you will.

The point I want to make for sellers is not to let ebay be your main source, diversify yourself and douches like JD won't hurt you so bad.


ms.pat said...

About all Donahoe has done is to force a whale of a lot of good small sellers to go and list elsewhere. In the long run this will be good for the sellers, good for online sales and bad for Ebay. JD insists on depending on large retailers - but he is oblivious to the fact that Ebay looks and feels shabby and disorganized next to the massive competition he has springing up all around him...AND they will continue to close in. Does he think for one minute that amazon, Walmart, Kmart, Target - ad nauseum is going to just stand still? LOL Will be interesting to watch....then, of course, there's that chinese, japanese deal that is sure to put ALL US companies in a sweat when they reach out to US buyers/sellers. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Randy, what does Buy think of the new feature where a sellers feedback can be sorted by pos, neg or neut?

I would be a little freaked if I was a larger seller trying to protect my brand.

Buy's eBay feedback is Top Rated, but due to volume of sales still has 2000+ negatives in the last 12 months. Only a .003% of sales, but with the new sort feature, buyers have 86 pages of negatives they can isolate. Paints a bleak picture for even a great seller like Buy to the consumer.

Its one thing to dig through a few hundred positives to see a negative, another to see them all lumped together in page after page.

Again, I love Buy (have bought both on eBay and directly from Buy) so this is why it raises concerns.

Is Buy concerned this negative image will reflect on the site as well? If not, shouldn't they?

Seems odd when eBay's major issue is the perception of poor customer service that they choose to highlight it this way.

Let us know what you think and the others there think.

Just my .003%

Randy Smythe said...


I haven't talked to our eBay team about the feedback change but I did take a look at how they are displaying things now and i don't have a problem with it.

The main screen is still the same as before, they are just giving customers the option of only looking at the negatives if they choose to do that. Basically this will be the same people who already hunt through all of the feedback to find negative anyway. I don't think it will have material impact on sales for the big guys.

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