Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm Back Baby! Regular Posts on MyBlogUtopia

I figured since I was spending my entire week working to make the Marketplace a successful sales channel for 3rd party merchants, I would start using MyBlogUtopia to talk about what we are currently doing and possibly even give you a scoop or two about what we have planned -- this will allow me to get back into a regular blogging schedule.

I won't write exclusively about the Marketplace, but that topic may dominate my posts. This is not an official blog for so the opinions expressed here certainly should not be construed as the official position of -- MyBlogUtopia will remain strictly my 15% but with no listing fees :)

It is my view that online merchants should be selling their product in multiple channels, including there own website and I would hope that would be one of the channels.

We are not yet open to every category of product, but hope to keep adding categories as we grow. Here is a list of current categories:
  • Apparel & Shoes 
  • Bags & Luggage
  • Books
  • Buy for Business
  • Cameras
  • Cell Phones
  • Computer & Office
  • DVDs           
  • Electronics
  • Fragrance
  • Games
  • Home & Outdoor
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Music
  • Networking
  • Software
  • Sports
  • Toys & Baby
And we will be launching these stores shortly:
  • Pets - (Currently accepting merchants)
  • Health and Beauty - (Currently accepting merchants for Beauty products)
  • Automotive Parts
  • Musical Instruments - (Currently accepting merchants for Pro Audio products)
  • Office Supplies - (Currently accepting merchants for Business Equipment products)
You can sell your new, used or refurbished product on, just as long as you accurately describe its condition. 

So if you are looking for a new sales channel, why not take a look at the Marketplace. We would like you to "Make your next sale with"

Just for fun check out our latest TV commercial with Howie Mandel. This one is special because Howie is promoting Jewelry and Apparel which are 100% marketplace categories on

Just my 15%


Adam Bertram said...

I would love to sell on buy, but unfortunately Fillz, the company I list through doesn't support the file format. :(

I've got a few things up there though that I put manually.

- Adam

Randy Smythe said...

Hey Adam,

We have talked to Fillz and hopefully they will work on getting integrated soon.

ms.pat said...

Randy - suggest and art category to them.....please. When I first started selling art on Ebay back in 1998 they had it combined with antiques and there was only a couple of pages of listings. That grew fast. In those days I was taking a watercolor class and selling my practice pieces on Ebay and couldn't keep up with the demand! People want real art only Ebay has things rigged now so buyers see the same big sellers over and over again. Most artists are desperate for some exposure.

Randy Smythe said...


Buy is probably not going to be the ideal place for Artists. Right now we have Art in the Home Decor category but it is mostly reproductions and such.

I'm not sure what the ideal venue it right now. It seems like a better addition to Etsy than

Do they have an Art category over there?

ms.pat said...

Randy - I have yet to figure out what they have over there. Their search is worse than dismal - depending almost entirely on keywords. They don't seem to list things like other sites do. That might be a good place for art but they're pushing handmade items - mostly what I call puff stuff. Frankly, I do better on Overstock's auction then on Etsy. But, as you know, Overstock seems to keep auctions a deep dark secret.

nadine said...

Randy, I have a lot of used Waterford crystal for sale. Could you explain why I should sell it through Buy instead of just on eBay? What's the advantage?

Randy Smythe said...


Certain product doesn't make sense right now for Used Waterford crystal would be an example. I don't know where we would put that product. is great for refurbished Tech and CE product, New and Used media, Toys and Baby products, etc.

We are not eBay, where just about anybody can sell anything.

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy,

"We are not eBay, where just about anybody can sell anything."

Please give us some direction as to where Buy is headed. Do they want to be the place where anybody can sell anything someday? If not, what is the ultimate goal with the Buy Marketplace?

Thanks and keep posting.


Randy Smythe said...


One of the reasons I wrote so often about eBay making bad decisions was because there really isn't any other place for "everybody" to go. Some will go to Bonanzle, some to Buy, some to Amazon and some to Etsy.

IMO, should not try to be everything to everybody. We do new product very well and used product as a different option to that new product makes sense.

Vintage, Antiques and OOAK items are probably not well suited for the customer base.

This is strictly my opinion.

ms.pat said...

Randy - just letting you know I finally made my first purchase from buy. I am hoping for a good experience. ;-)

ms.pat said...

Good news - my item...the V-Touch that was one of the deals of the day on Ebay has already arrived! Two days! I must admit, I'm under the weather today and to see this new "toy" come in was such a pleasure. test it. It was carefully packed and one could see its brandy spanking new. So far, so good.

Randy Smythe said...

Good deal! Howie packed it himself.

Anonymous said...

When will have the ability for merchants to create product pages? I have been approved to sell there but 99% of my inventory (New Toys) are not in their catalog currently and from what I have been told, I cannot list something unless there is already a product page for it.

Randy Smythe said...

Email me at randys at You can create product pages for your items if they have upc codes.