Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another eBay Top Seller Summit

I know I haven't been around much lately but I still hear stuff that is going on at eBay. Most of the time I shrug but today I figured I would just blog quickly about the new Top Seller Summit being held at a secret location in Florida.

It will run for one day and then we won't hear anything knew until April sometime when I hear the big announcements are going to be made.

I'm not real sure why it took so long for them to hold another of these Top Seller meetings but unlike the last one when no real information leaked out, I'm hoping somebody gives in and shares a little. 

Just my 15%


Oren said...

i find this summits a sad thing.

Yes eBay is making a lot of money from those sellers.

But *I* think that they make much more money from ppl like me. There are much more of us out there. Not to mention that we are also buyers etc.

ms.pat said...

I think the big announcement in April may well be the end of small sellers....just a bad feeling.

nadine said...

I don't think so, Pat. eBay has been making some conciliatory gestures to Antiques/Collectibles sellers, such as giving free pictures. They fear to lose the eyeballs the 'old crap' sellers bring. And Antiques sellers are not big sellers.

Dave White said...


eBay held a super secret conference call with some sellers/developers Tuesday. Nothing leaked out so far as I know.

I believe the "Announcements" will be made before next Tuesday as eBay exec's stated in their February Town Hall Meeting.

I will be sure to watch your posts and certainly will cover any news that may break before my ebay & Beyond radio program Monday

Anonymous said...


On Auctionbytes, Ina stated "the company is expected to make some major announcements in April."

Do you think there is any chance that idiot Donahoe will step down? I'm serious. How are we expected to work when we're worried all the time about "big announcements and changes"?

Randy Smythe said...


No chance that Donahoe will step down, IMO. The BOD will give him at least until the end of the year as long as PayPal continues to grow.

He is not voluntarily going anywhere.

ms.pat said...

"He is not voluntarily going anywhere."

Other companies are not exactly clamoring around his door to woo him away from Ebay - that's for sure. I suspect even his appointment to the BOD of Intel was thru somebody who knows somebody and was meant to make him look successful and wanted. I wouldn't doubt Whitman had a hand in it. What a joke!

ms.pat said...

Nadine - its pretty bad at Ebay. Small sellers are complaining they are getting no traffic. I have only 3 items up there and all three got only a single view yesterday. On the other hand, I'm making sales on Overstock! Its puzzling! Ebay is doing nothing to get traffic to small sellers - perhaps deliberately directing their traffic elsewhere...I really don't know...

Matthew Schneider said...

This problem is not isolaated to small sellers. Big sellers are complaining too. Plain and simple GMV is falling.

eBay is working hard to get GMV to move the other way, but it is hard to turn a big ship....especially when the waters (economy) are as choppy as they have been in decades.

With al this said eBay does need to make aggresive moves to turn around the falling GMV, or I have a feeling it could fall off a cliff.

ms.pat said...

Fall off a cliff....yes. If they don't stop pandering to huge sellers and look downward at their smaller sellers they will not succeed. Sellers are still leaving and taking buyers with them. Ebay seems oblivious to this and spends its time with even more rigorous policies to further put off small sellers. As it stands, I can list there and not get any traffic and pay for it or I can list elsewhere for free and probably still not get traffic but at least its free. Ebay is offering nothing but failure and expense. In case they haven't noticed fewer and fewer sellers care about what Ebay does anymore and that's downright dangerous to Ebay's existence. With all the hush-hush meetings with big sellers going on this shows the smaller seller he still doesn't count and so he goes on with his plans on other venues. (shrug)

David said...

Right now my sales have been incredible. It's amazing how my business is up from last year during a time when the economy sucks and unemployment is on it's way to approaching double digits.

I just know eBay is going to announce some policy or make some change that's going to screw my business up.

Right now business is good but it's inevitable that I will be out of business.

When my business completely fails, it won't be because of me. My demise will be because of eBay completely self destructing.

Anonymous said...

You know when GM was getting no traction they started all-new Saturn. What the h@ll is ebays problem.

Donahoe: "I like to win" yeah that was Darth Vaders problem too.

He wasn't so tough with his helmet off

2010 or Bust said...

I wonder if we will see JD out there working with eBay sellers in this way?

Amazon CEO comes to Lexington --

Randy Smythe said...


He's not likely to leave his Ivory Tower.

David said...

Randy, I can't wait any longer. The changes are supposed to be announced tommorow. What are the changes? You broke the news last fall a day early! You have connections!

Randy Smythe said...


I actually won't know until tomorrow evening. I think they make the announcements after the market closes on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Evidently all of the negative blogs and postings referring to eBay and Pay Pal proved to be right on the money. No wonder other sites are gaining on them and sellers are dropping like flies, if eBay and brother Pay Pal don’t change their attitude and become “seller friendly” they are destined to fail and disappear just like many other web businesses did. No sellers = No buyers= No eBay.

Warning about free USPS First Class Shipping, Pay Pal will confiscate your account if you prove successful, sell a lot of items and ship them free of charge via first class mail. They require TRACKING INFORMATION. This Just happened to me, after 8 month of hard work and 1,000’s in fees they confiscated my account until I prove delivery. I thought in this country we are “innocent until proven guilty”, but not to eBay or pay pal.

Dean said...

I hate to leave a comment on a blog entry from nearly a year ago, but FWIW, yesterday and today at the Westin in Dallas, there is a eBay Top Seller summit.

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