Monday, February 09, 2009

New eBay Store Format Slowing Down Sales?

I've been hearing some interesting anecdotal stories from sellers that have seen sales slow down once they opt-in to the new eBay Stores format, so I thought I would reach out to my readers and see if you were experiencing the same thing. Apparently sales return when sellers opt-out of the new format. 

Please let me know what your experience has been. 

The new stores format becomes the default in March so if there are problems eBay needs to address them now before they have to rollback another change.

Just my 15%


Jeff Stannard said...

No real changes in volume or deceleration. Anecdotal accounts maybe?

Randy Smythe said...


That is the problem with these types of things. There are so many variables in play.

I could speculate on this but would prefer not to until I can see if it is wide spread.

Hillary said...

I haven't had any drop off and I actually got a few compliments on the new look so I have to say that doesn't apply to us with the new stores!

Mitzi said...

Hey Randy, yep I opted in and my traffic was cut pretty much in half, and my sales down to almost 0. Once I figured it out, I opted out - traffic is returning to normal levels, and so are sales.

I've seen people talking about how the new format messes with Google Base, but I could never get Google Base to work right anyway, so that wasn't my issue.

They are also saying that the Omniture traffic reporting is screwed up, but my lack of sales while opted in, and my uptick in sales since opting out, shows to me at least that it isn't just the reports.

I've talked to 3 or 4 other people who have had the same issues - no one knows what is going on. We are all worried for March - will the same thing happen? Does eBay know something is wrong? Will they fix it in time?

Sue said...

It's hard to speculate on these things. Ebay is so quirky with their search function now.
I haven't seen a change so far.


Anonymous said...

No drop off in sales or traffic

2010 or Bust said...

Actually, we love the new format and our sales have been fantastic over the last few weeks. With all the bad news out there, we are as surprised as anyone.

The GTC listings has been great for us and it seems that when people check those out they make it to our store to view more. The GTCs allow us to have inventory perpetually in eBay's main search results without the constant relisting, as we all know. I think the new store format is great for individual stores, but do not like that view for standard search results.

One thing I do not understand is that in the new listing format eBay has removed the store category pages and the red Store door icon link, both which were really useful.

Re Google base, we have also noted an uptick in our eBay listings showing up in that. said...

I opted in to new format at the first opportunity some time ago, with no noticable change in sales. There was a recent dip in store sales, short lived, and now sales are actually up in stores.

New format is working well for me.

Anonymous said...

to 2010, you must be new. GTC items will not be visiable as soon as they think of a new code or change search or change the links. Or people wont be able to buy and pay. it took me a year before to figure that out. No more GTC for me.
Randy, you cant opt out now, stuck with it and they keep changing it. I was upset that they only show about 10 items in each section, then they put a choice of 25, 50, etc. that worked better, now they changed it back so you have to go to second page of sold items to see what sold just today or in last couple of days. I dont know what they are thinking but those must be some good lunch they are ingesting.

Anonymous said...

oh forgot... Yes sales are down.
hits are Way down. Last check at vendio 500. Ive never been below 1,000 except when Im on vacation or sick. It is pretty sad.

Randy Smythe said...

I found out from a friend of mine that it may take some time to re-index the store listings once you are in the new store format.

No time frame on how long that takes. It becomes the default in March so it might be best to make the change now so that your stuff is indexed before everybody else changes.

2010 or Bust said...

Anonymous, se been on eBay for 10 years. In our category (and I am sure it is not true in all) the GTCs have been really good to us.

Our higher profile, shorter term auctions and FFP listings draw in buyers to the GTC listings. The GTCs are also showing up in Google Base.

This is not to say it works great on every product; on some we need to do auctions to get the visibility required. On others, it is working really well.

I have been as vocal a critic as anyone re eBay this last year, but on this one I think they are getting part of it right.

I also have a friend who lists really rare LPs, etc. and he loves the GTCs because he can list it once at the price he wants and let it run forever. Most of his items do not have many if any other sellers selling on eBay, so it has been really cost effective.

One other thing, and I am not sure if anyone else is seeing this, but our fees have been way down. Now, I am afraid to see what happens if the truly do repeal the double discounts in March, but over the last few months our fees have been a much lower percentage than in recent years.

mike1144 said...

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Anonymous said...

My sales dropped 60% after the changes (March 2010) and my listing fees were the same. That is because I paid all the fees this month on re-listing. I am thinking on closing my store. With ebay you never know were you are. I will give them another month but Definitely SALES are DOWN.

Anonymous said...

Sellery Gallery75-17

My sales are not only down-- they are dead. I was a silver power seller and now that has been revoked as well. Not sure what there is I can do.

Anonymous said...

New format won't let me save to watch list or elarge pic's or view other photo's. Fran

Anonymous said...

Sales are down, with all the changes that they make it screws up searches I think, had a buyer e-mail me about finding my stuff. I had to send her a link.