Monday, January 05, 2009

So How Did We All Do in Q4

I had my best quarter of the year, but stopped buying product just after Thanksgiving, so Dec sales were lower than Nov. -- I was selling strictly from existing inventory. 

The beauty with using Amazon FBA and not buying any product in Dec. was I worked way less than in any other month in 2008 and I was substantially more profitable. I still haven't decided if this is a lifestyle business for me or if I want to grow it into another Glacier Bay. I do miss the game a little... ok a lot.

So how did you do? No need to give hard numbers just provide % +/- year over year and % of revenue that came from each marketplace you sold in.

Thanks in advance for the info.

Just my 15%


John of said...

It was cool, I know we will do well in the coming year now and was not that bullish going into the holidays, so things are up. Huge increases on both webstore and Amazon off set the dismal traffic from eBay. Had eBay performed like it had in the past, we would have had a BOOM year, but they just messed sh*t up for everybody, LMAO

John (

ms.pat said...

I think I represent a lot of small sellers... I just didn't list at all during the holiday season. Some items sold out of my shops on Bonanzle and Etsy and I had good sales on my website due to an email campaign to my past customers. I did not list on Ebay at all.

Bob said...

amazon up in percent ofinventory turns last few months, I did not play very much ebay craps so i didn't make any hard eights .

2009 will boom , for online sales if youse gots the stuffs

Jim S. said...

eBay sales down 34% (had fewer listings, lower traffic and lower gross margin) but new web site opened in Nov picked up the slack (with much higher avg sale and profit margin). Looking forward to a good 2009.

Anonymous said...

My sales on Ebay were outstanding in December. I'm a small commodities seller, so this was a big surprise. Sales are still good in January.

I'm working as hard as I can on my booth on Bonanzle but not much luck yet.

I love this line:

"...but they just messed sh*t up for everybody, LMAO"

Ain't that the truth!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic sales on ebay, but not meaningful sales. Ebay/Paypal's take rate is just far too high. Especially now that we have to offer "Free" shipping to get any exposure in our catagory.

That, in conjunction with the high maintanence ebay buyer ($$$ for customer service staff payroll), means not much net profits anymore.

Moving everything over to Amazon, just using ebay for liquidation after Q1 2009.

I've been a full-time commodities seller on ebay for 10 years now. It's sad, ebay had the greatest base business model in the world and they blew it.

Snarky said...

My eBay Store got foreclosed. Now I fight with rats for food (cheese crumbs mostly) said...

The Holiday season was okay. My ebay sales were really of except for the week of Dec 1 -8, My Amazon sale were great, I just wish I had listed more of stuff there. The Amazon FBA was a dream.

Still working on my website and I have a few ideas I will implement this month.

Happy New year all!

Henrietta said...

My eBay sales were only for the first seven weeks of the year, and were down 90% (!) from the comparable period in 07. I attribute this solely to Bust Match.

For the first time since Oct 98 I made a loss on eBay, both months. eBay (store, IF & FVF) & PayPal fees grossed more than I did and I effectively ate the cost of sold inventory.

With hindsight the decision to permanently boycott the venue was a wise one.

My website sales quadrupled in 08 over 07.

I had no sales on eCrater, iOffer or Etsy (where I am only able to list crafting supplies) so that was a waste of time.

Bonanzle, with no fees at this time, has equaled my eBay volume, this year. In other words I sold twice as much on brand new Bonanzle in 14 weeks as I did on eBay in 7 weeks.

Q-4 was my best quarter and I was only on Bonanzle and my website.

Overall in 2008 I grossed less than 2007 but made more.

I should point out that I started the process of moving off eBay in January 2007 by cutting my over 2500 multiple item listings in stores to 200 and spending the majority of my time in learning how to build a website. This resulted in much lower eBay sales in 07 than 06. eBay was profitable for me in 07 but took IMO a disproportionate percentage of my (low ASP) gross sales volume.

Fortunately I do not rely on internet sales to support myself, if I did I would be a heckuva lot leaner and probably much meaner than I am.

I have no predictions for my online business in 2009, my product is pure frippery and unessential. I plan to continue stocking my website and listing seasonal product on Bonanzle at the appropriate time.


Anonymous said...

Sales up 50% in December. It would not have happened without FBA program.

Henrietta said...

Before somebody says I must have been a bad seller and deserved to be 'routed off the site'; my DSRs were/are 4.9 - 4.9 - 4.9 - 4.7 and my FB is 100%

user ID howmanyhorses

I bought and sold casually on a different ID previously.

Bob - eBay said...

Hi Randy,

I'm a small/medium eBay only seller. I average in the ballpark of $100,000.00/yr in gross sales.

My YoY sales comparison is as follows:

> Gross sales up 4.5%
> Gross revenue up 1.5%
> Net revenue up 20% (yes, twenty...I worked smarter, not harder).

There is a caveat to 2007 I kept my store/listings available until December 12th. This past year (2008), I closed my store at midnight, December 1st.

That sales comparison is a bit skewed. If I were to compare both years sales, through November 31st of each respective year, this is how it plays out...

> Gross sales up 12.0%
> Gross revenue up 10.0%
> Net revenue up 24%

All-in-all, a great year...despite all the nonsense that eBay has instituted.

Randy Smythe said...

Hey all! Thanks for the comments, please keep em' coming.

Oren said...

I Can't compare y/y since I only started feb08.

I do know that when I did my numbers at the end on nov there was a decline mo/mo since sep. until then every month was better. It all started mid sep when I had 3 days with almost 0 sales.

Dec was actully good but that was b/c 2 big sales:
Someone bought 20 units of expensive item.
2nd is a guy that saw my listing on eBay and closed a deal for 37 units off eBay.

I started to check amazon (in some ways way easier, and in some ways much harder) and had 2 sales so I think I'll go much more with them/

My new year decision is to speared this year to amazon, bonanzle and maybe other places.

One more note, things that should sale aren't saling. *I* think b/c the top salers in the cat get all the exposure with "worst match"

On the other hand I think I'm dominating some item b/c of this.

On the 3rd hand the supply for that item dried up.

Anonymous said...

sales were good on ebay and Amazon is way up even into January, working on our own site for 2009

Tim said...

eBay down 15% for December.

Amazon picked up that slack and more. I was not on Amazon last year. I think I am going to try FBA this quarter.

Web site sales were double last year.

My eBay business still is 80% of total business. That is way too much for all the "Disruptive Innovation" going on. On the other hand, last year at this time, eBay was 95% of my total sales. I am hoping eBay holds off with anything that will really hurt until I can get my other sales venues up to at least 50%.

Anonymous said...


OCT 08 $27k
NOV 08 $71K
DEC 08 $147

OCT 07 $15K
NOV 07 $33K
DEC 07 $34K

And now we are featured sellers in Electronics, Toys, Sporting Goods. we saw huge increases on Ebay as well (due to the fact we had 4 Daily Deal's in November and December)

Randy Smythe said...

I'm hearing quite a few positive stories both on eBay and Amazon.

Imagine where these sites would be without 3P sellers? eBay of course wouldn't exist.

But Amazon would not be where they are without 3P Sellers.

Keep up the good work and keep the updates coming.