Thursday, January 08, 2009

Former Microsoft Execs end up at eBay!

Thanks to a tip from my faithful reader Moonlight, I found out that eBay purchased a small Seattle firm in Dec. (must have been a very small transaction not to make the news) and in the deal they got two former Microsoft Search executives. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not.

According to ZDNet;
"Two years ago, when Microsoft’s search and advertising unit was even more of a revolving door than now, two long-time managers, Christopher Pane and Dane Glasgow, parted ways with Microsoft.

(Payne was Microsoft’s search chief — when the company’s search engine was known as “Windows Live Search” (not just Live Search); Glasgow was General Manager of Live Search.)

In January, Payne resurfaced — as an eBay employee."
Since I'm still wearing my Tin Hat from the previous post, maybe the reason eBay hasn't identified the speaker at Internet Retail, is because he just came on board and they don't have his picture and bio yet. Though these two execs are more search oriented than retailer/seller focused, so they wouldn't likely speak at IREC.

Maybe Microsoft will just buy eBay and we will have a whole new bunch of execs to discuss --just thinking out loud.

Update: eBay did confirm the acquisition and hiring of the two executives mentioned on the eBayInk blog.

Just my 15%


Hunter Lowe Lappen said...

Microsoft buying eBay may not be such a bad idea. MS is one of the greatest companies ever.

che-mie said...

i agree with hunter

Beth Cherkowsky said...

Can't get any worse can it.?? oh wait, I didn't really mean that. LOL!

permacrisis said...

Now eBay, see what you've gone and done...

You've got people praising Microsoft for their non-monopolistic, transparent policies!