Monday, October 13, 2008

eBay Earnings Call this Week!

We've already had a little preview of the earnings from the business update call last Monday.

Ebay expects:
  • Revenue is expected to come in at the low-end of guidance at around $2.11bn
  • EPS (Earnings per share) is expected to be at the top end of guidance at around $0.41 
Of course the devil is in the details and the numbers I will be interested in are related to the Marketplace business:
  • Active users 
  • GMV 
I am not an investor in eBay, so I don't care if they beat their profit estimates. I am an advocate for the eBay seller and want management to stop the bleeding in the Marketplace business.

This should be an interesting conference call on Weds.

Just my 15%


ms.pat said...

I'm sure it will be as manipulated as Best Match ;-)

Anonymous said...

Complete manipulation. With all the sellers leaving they can't possibly keep beating earning estimates!!!!!!! Lets report them to the SEC!! Donawhore is doing what he does best, cheating sellers and investors who place any trust in him!! eBay and American capitalism suck!

BMX said...

The FVF increases because of the free shipping alone should be enough to offset any short term losses ebay has incurred. Paypal's take rate on the entire transaction might go down a little because of the lower ASP's but ebay's take rate increases in Media and higher ASP's (remember alot of people are doing free shipping) will more than cover any losses. No matter what the ebay monkeys tell you.

Has anyone ever gotten a Power seller discount of more than a couple of hundred dollars? Doubt it.

Kevin should sue ebay for trademark infringement. They are using his gorilla without permission.