Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Has Google Stopped Sending Traffic to eBay?

Scot Wingo wrote a blogpost this afternoon about some strange trends he was seeing around the traffic coming from Google to eBay. "Ever since 9/16 when fp30 rolled along with a bunch of finding bugs, we have seen sales plummet in many categories with apparel and jewelry being hit the hardest.
While most sellers are focusing in on some of the eBay finding wackiness, one seller noticed Google had all but disappeared as a 'source' of traffic in their advanced store reports."
John over at ColderICE then looked at his eBay traffic reports and was able to graphically identify a declining trend in Google referrals to his listings. "I am seeing a downward trend of over 60% reduction in Google traffic to our eBay ads! At the highest point it was 6% of add traffic and now it is down to 2%. That is a pretty significant decline in a very short span of time."
So what does this all mean? Well. I think it is too early to tell exactly, but it may be another glitch revolving around eBay's launch of FP-30 or it may be Google playing some games (good luck getting proof of that).
What are you guys seeing? Are you noticing a drop in Google traffic over the last several weeks?
Just my 15%


David said...

How do you know that the listing issues that occured between September 17th and 19th isn't to blame for the plummeting sales?

Randy Smythe said...

David, we don't know. I do think it is a safe bet that it isn't Google's doing. Most likely just a problem indexing eBay's new search.

These days, who knows.

Jim S. said...

Randy, I typically run 4-5% referring from Google and this month I'm at 3.4%. But I was closed for vacation for the first 2 weeks, so looks about right. I do notice by doing a Google search of my best sellers that there are no eBay listings - mine or anyone elses.

ECBeauty said...

I'll post this here as well

My traffic reports clearly demonstrate that on September 16th eBay injected the "new search experience" into the site. Just as abruptly Google traffic began and has continued to slow. The "new search experience" is now dominating the traffic to my listings (not that there is much to speak of actually the lack of is more interesting). Yesterday the 23rd eBay classic was 1.2% of search engine paths, the new search 66.7%, Google 30.9%, Yahoo 1.2%.

Clearly, not only did eBay ruin the eBay search with their "new search experience" they also effectively killed the google search path to eBay

I agree because I use Google Base daily my traffic is only down about 15% from Google and I use adwords.

It isn't Google's malicious attack on eBay - it is eBay's incompetent, idiotic, disaster of the "new search experience". Clearly, the prior eBay CTO ran because JD was hell bent on releasing a crappy, glitchy, certain to fail algorithm.

Thanks again JD you loser

Alan Macomber said...

Our google traffic is down 50% from Aug 08 and Sep 07. We sell kids apparel.

Bonanzlemark said...

I agree with you Randy that it is most likely a problem indexing eBay's new search. Bonanzle automatically uploads to Google each day. Today over 40% of our traffic came from Google.

Anonymous said...

We typically receive about 100 visitors a day to our eBay listings from Google. We're in a very narrow niche in Home and Garden. From the 16th on, our visitors are down by 50%

tekgems said...

We've seen no drop in traffic from Google in terms of raw numbers. The percentage has decreased, but that is because FP30 has increased. I also listed the first day FP30 was activated thus avoiding the indexing glitch mentioned on eBay. I don't know who originally came up with Google conspiracy, but it borders on libel.

Randy Smythe said...


We were all wearing out Tin Hats with the idea Google was doing something. The more I look at this the more I think it is that Google hasn't yet indexed eBay's new search. If that is trult the case then sellers should see an uptick in traffic from Google as their listings get indexed.

If they don't see it soon though, that is a problem.

Anonymous said...

eBay delivers another heaping, steaming pile of dung to sellers and tries to pass it off as a 5 course meal.

Yummmm! Thanks eBay!

Anonymous said...


How long would it take for Google to index ebay's new search?

I was under the impression that the new search had been in place for some time now...but only after the 16th have I seen a 35% drop in Google traffic...

Randy Smythe said...


Actually, I probably should have said they haven't indexed the new FP-30 listings yet. but I can't imagine it would take more than a week to do that.

If it is an eBay problem, I would think they would have fixed it by now.

Bob said...

My eBay store sales have drop 80%, while my Auction sales have dropped about 35%. I did start listing FP30, had a few sales the 1st couple days, but haven't had one FP sale in 3 days. This corresponds to the sudden "awareness" everyone has had the Google traffic has decreased significantly.

If the new search is indexed, but the FP30's may not, how does that effect Auctions and Store listings?

(by the way, I'm the anonymous who posted the question a few moments ago..)

Anonymous said...

I was doing really well with FP30 all week and then Thurs. my sales fell flat. I wonder if the economy could be also playing a role. Pretty grim stuff going on.

ECBeauty said...

When I posted the other day my Google traffic seemed standard but now it is in the low teens and I mean numbers and percentages.

Again -JD broke eBay in every way possible