Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Disruptive Innovation!

Okay, when I saw this posted on Twitter by imadness, I immediately thought about the product management process in many companies, especially one near and dear to our hearts.

I came from the TV business, back in the day, so I've been part of similar meetings. Is this how Best Match was developed? :-) - Watch more free videos

Just my 15%


Hector Duhart said...

LoL, oh yes, and not only the best watch, also the feedback, the dsr, and the external links too!!

It appears that eBay is Donahue's new little toy.

Let's turn neutrals into negative. 30 days latter, forget it, switch it back.

Let's void external links., No we are good.

Let's turn eBay into Amazon, and then ................. Let's see what happens, almost 4th quarter and no sales strategy !!

Henrietta said...

YOU betcha!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, Randy. The parallels are so eerily similar. Doesn't Ebay see the damage they've done?

Mike said...

The bottom line is that while I was disrupted innovatively, I had an excellent stopping experience.

Tony P. said...

Sorry, I just don't see the similarity.

Perhaps if the video had a bit more convolution to it...