Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Poll Shows Americans Losing Interest in eBay

This information comes from MoneyCentral Blog and MSN's Kim Peterson

"According to a recent MSN-Zogby poll, only 31% of Americans plan to buy or sell anything on the auction site in the next year. That's down from 40% who said they bought or sold something on eBay in the last year."

Read the entire article here.

The question I have, is why MSN commissioned a study about eBay, hmn!

Just my 12%


ms.pat said...

Does any seller NOT know why? I think present mangement should be fired immediately. Disruptive innovation is a failure and the more they continue trying to make ebay into a catalog store the more the public will lose interest. They don't want yet another boring catalog store! Where is the fun promised? Where are all the new buyers. I can tell them there is no lack of buyers on my website or on Etsy where I've settled in with two shops! They can't blame the economy for their stupidity because I'm doing okay and I don't sell necessities! Simply giving buyers tools to beat sellers with is not "fun" and won't lure a single buyer back to the site! I don't know when I've seen a company more out of touch with its business - its almost like these people were purposely hired to utterly destroy ebay!

This would be my plan - and I don't even charge for it!

1) Have your fixed price section with A SHOPPING CART! For goodness sakes even my lowly website has a shopping cart!

2) Put excitement BACK into auctions by treating them like auctions! Bring back Going, Going, Gone. Let people bid and take that stupid hidden bidder ID program down!

3) Reduce listing fees so that sellers can give buyers a break! Learn to make do with less while the business comes back to life! Spend some of your money for ADVERTISING!

4) Get RID of BEST MATCH! It benefits nobody! What possible use can a search be when it hides items for whatever reason? Search is supposed to serve the buyer - NOT allow for your maniacal manipulations!

You're not in the business to punish sellers or to beat them into submission. Get in there and weed out the frauds and scammers - then do like Randy Smythe says "empower your sellers and then get out of the way"!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am an eBay seller but I hate shopping on eBay. Over 50,000 items sold but I have only purchased 3 items for personal use on eBay over the years. I have never enjoyed shopping on eBay. It takes forever to find anything.

David said...

"Best Match" is a small example of the problem. The real problem is that eBay is this hugely successful company that has forgotten what made them so successful.

I think in addition to the direction they want to go in they need to bring back the old eBay like Randy suggested and make it look *EXACTLY* like eBay looked in 2000 or 2002 and give the buyers a choice.

Maybe as far as to make it an auctions only site.

Anonymous said...

"Best Match" is a small example of the problem. The real problem is that eBay is this hugely successful company that has forgotten what made them so successful.

Two words: No vell.

Another company that made a profit from day 1, grew like hell, and thought it was invincible

First pc networking Ever, instant monopoly... sound familiar

Now they have to give away free stuff, and slowly rot @ 6 bucks a share

Moonlight said...

"The question I have, is why MSN commissioned a study about eBay, hmn!"

Randy, although not stated in the article, the study is obviously an analysis of the future of eBay. It's published on MSN's MoneyCentral under a big lime green header that reads 'Top Stocks'.

Tony P. said...

Ms. Pat, a kindred spirit! You mentioned the one thing, that when ebay did away with it, I knew they had no real concept of human nature.

Going, Going, Gone!

A simple link that transported you to an exciting hodgepodge of treasures. Wonderous Goodies!

And they killed it. Sure, they had all sorts of explainations and various metrics to rationalize their decision, but that was simply proof of their robotic nature.

It wasn't long before ebay began looking to bring back the FUN, while blaming its demise on bad sellers and too much Clutter.

I guess they have now given up on finding the Fun; they looked thru all of the metric spreadsheets and just can't find where it's hiding.

I have given up on helping them to understand what Fun is - I am finished with that, entirely. I now have Fun on my own and here's one of my funtime musings:

Imagine that ebay execs take over Amazon - imagine all of the changes, as they would surely attempt to 'fix' all sorts of things. Imagine what Amazon would be like in a year.

Funny, in a scary-as-hell sort of way, no? Whadda think, Randy, would that make yer day, or what?

Randy Smythe said...

Moonlight, I was just haven sum fun.

Tony, I don't want eBay Execs anywhere near Amazon. They would ruin it instantly.

ms.pat said...

Tony - they put words like "fun" "excitement" and "enchancing the buyer's experience" but what they really want - bottom line - is revenue. They could care less about sellers OR buyers - only the money they can rake in - and it shows. If they truly cared one whit perhaps they'd be able to understand what it is they're doing wrong. Unfortunately...they haven't a clue - but act all puffed up like they know best ;-)

I've been complaining about the loss of Going, Going, Gone since they did away with it in 2004. Auctions? Have you ever even heard an auction without those words? Ebay is completely out of touch and their text book fixes don't work because they haven't been able to factor in the human aspect. said...

Randy, Could you find out something from Amazon?

I heard from an Amazon CS that they will require UPC #s for all new items on their site Sept. 1st and later this fall they will be purging all items without a upc code. This is a big problem for me since all my stuff is unique collectible ephemera with no UPC.

Henrietta said...

I think Ms Pat hit the nail squarely on the head, ITS not fun anymore. Not for buyers and certainly not for sellers.

Ed in the UK agrees:

I am sure I am not unique in feeling that life is too short for the sheer stress of trying to run a business when your venue is legislating your failure on a monthly basis. What will tomorrow's thrilling installment be? Oh the dwama.

Right now we seem to be playing "How many policy changes can we make and enforce right before Christmas"

Randy Smythe said...

I'll ask them when I am at the Seller Conference this weekend.

I think this is the direction they are headed though.