Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Going Into Business, Mostly for Fun

Normally, I just add these articles to My Blog Utopia reader and move on without commenting, but this particular piece hit me square between the eyes.

"Risk averse? Clueless as to what P.&.L means? You, too, can be an entrepreneur.

Not the hard-driving type who makes the business news pages. Rather, the laid-back, come-what-may variety. Many of them are part of the first wave of America’s 76 million baby boomers who are taking early retirement and turning their hobbies into small businesses. Very small businesses.

They say their micro-businesses are a way to give focus to a favorite pastime, get more zest out of life and make a little money."

You want high margin growth, then return to the classic eBay and court these 70 million baby boomers. They will both, buy and sell on eBay. if you make it worth their while.

Please read the entire article here.

Snarky, when I read this article I thought of you. :) Oh I forgot: You can still make the new eBay just give these folks the classic eBay.

Just my 12%

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