Monday, June 16, 2008

Quick Hits!

Here are some of the top ecommerce stories happening right now:

Update: eBay has revised the language in their recently announced PayPal policy change.

More Quick Hits as I come across them.


Tony P. said...

Randy, an article about the rumor of MS buying ebay, here:

It struck me that most of these 'street analysts' don't think much beyond dollars and cents, but I can see a real ploy by MS in this scenario.

MS gets snubbed by the "ad agency", so why not buy the Billboards and the land they sit upon? True, MS can't buy up all the billboards, everywhere, but ebay is one BIG billboard.

Makes a person wonder just how much revenue that ebay contributes to yahoo, with that exclusive contract to supply those sponsored links?

Even if MS would end up controlling only 10-20% of yahoo's yearly take, that's still quite a few of their "short hairs". Yank, yank!

Randy Smythe said...


It is not far-fetched to think that the Evil Empire would be interested in eBay. I do think it would solve some of eBay's problems but ultimately I don't know if sellers would be any better off.

Tony P. said...

Randy, I just read a comment to one of those articles and it raised an interesting point. The poster wrote that ebay has more Traffic and Searches than Yahoo. Admittedly, it is a different concept of search and not quite the same type of traffic.

But, still...

At face value, it looks like a Synergy just waiting to happen. Hells-bells, it looks like more of a synergy than ebay and Skype (with Skype's ability to provide never-ending piddly calls about "will you take less?").

But then again, what the hell do I know? I'm just a business person that's been selling to the public for a few decades. It's not like I'm a marketing whiz, or anything!


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