Friday, June 27, 2008

I Found eBay Classic at - SIS Too!

Are you tired of Best Match when you search for things on eBay? The next time you have a problem search on, before bailing completely, try it again at and then tell me what the results were.

I don't shop on eBay, so I just can't test these things out very extensively and I would really like to get feedback from those of you who are heavy eBay users.

Either use the comment section of the blog or eMail me at rksmythe at yahoo to let me know what you think.


I emailed GetItNext CEO Ron Stewart for an explanation on why GetItNext was presenting more items than eBay's own search and here was his response:

"The reason for the discrepancy in the number of results returned by eBay and GetItNext is that GetItNext integrates Core and Store listings in our search results. As a result, we will frequently return more results than eBay (depending on the category).

We have integrated core eBay and store listings in our search results since we launched GetItNext in June 2007. This is one message that we’ve been continuing to communicate to the seller community. We don’t exclude store listings from our search results. Including store listings in our search results is in alignment with our goal of having people spend more time shopping and less time searching for the items they want to buy on eBay.
[bold is mine]

Our focus is to provide our guests the best and most relevant search results possible. We take eBay’s data and improve it to make our guests' experience the best that it can be. Our results are a little different than eBay’s, but in our opinion they’re better too."

So we have both ebay Classic and SIS (Store in Search with - Spread the word.

Just my 12%


permacrisis said...

Randy, does a better job in my opinion. Auctions only, no BIN last time I checked... :-) said...

Nice one Randy. Very clean and simple search, easily found my items, and it integrated store items too. Why the hell can't ebay come up with something like this?

Andy Geldman said...

getitnext does have a good search. Their main proposition is the "Find A Deal" search which uses a proprietary algorithm to find bargains (that's the theory anyway!)

I also like Mpire Shopping and Auction Shark. These have the bonuses of searching other sites alongside eBay and, in the case of Mpire, having pretty good price stats.

Anonymous said...

I tried out and i didnt like it very much to be honest. Its a very simple UI but I thought it was too simple without enough features. GetItNext, however, is pretty damn impressive and a hell of a lot better than eBays current search engine. Good find Randy. Looks like I've finally found a solution to eBays rather hindered search...

Henrietta said...

I liked it, clean and uncluttered. I found more items that matched on the old style eBay search, 41 and 17 on GetItNext. Of course there were about another 40 items on the eBay search that had nothing to do with anything, so GetItNext returns more targeted results.

I was able to limit the 'bargain' search by price which helped weed out the items that were overpriced. If I were buying on eBay I would probably use it.

I wish they would expand it to be a web search by item, that would be something.

Randy Smythe said...

Thanks for the comments everybody, I think at the very least Getitnext proves you can do a better job at search than eBay is currently doing.

Keep those reviews and comments coming. I appreciate your willingness to share with my other readers.

Anonymous said...

Now if they will only invent "GetItBeforeTheIdiotsAtEbayRunThePlaceIntoTheGround"

ms.pat said...

I can only wonder how much money in sales Ebay is losing with their ridiculous best match. It seems to exclude the pertinent stuff and include all the artist on ebay went looking for children's knit socks - what she found were mostly sexy adult used socks - quite a turnoff for moms looking for clothes for their children! Oh, but ebay loves best match...greatest thing since sliced bread....its a complete success in their eyes....NOT! You know, these days I would just like to have something nice to say about Ebay for a change, but try as I might...I can't find anything!!! Can't these people see all the red flags?

Anonymous said...

This is LOL funny that affiliates that ebay pays money to are doing a better job of EBAY bestmatch. Best match isn't the problem. That is pretty standard across the marketplaces now. The problem as always is ebay's amateurish and bungling roll out. Remember the NEW NEW NEW fiasco? That was pretty amusing. Just imagine what else is going on inside BestMatch. These small start up affiliates are going to run rings around a multi-billion dollar corporation as ebay buyers flee ebay's own search engine! LOL!

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