Thursday, June 19, 2008

Category Changes Coming to eBay.

During the blogger briefing this morning, I asked if specific changes were coming to the Media Category this fall and I got the standard response, "that they are looking at each category". I was actually fine with that response, because it didn't contradict what I was hearing about the changes that were coming to the Media category. I wasn't able to get anybody to provide anymore detail, but it appears Ina Steiner was when she interviewed Stephanie Tilenius, Senior Vice President and General Manager of eBay North America.

"When asked what she meant when she said earlier this year that eBay would not be the same site in a year, and it was moving toward a retail experience, Tilenius said she meant making it easier to shop on eBay. She used two examples, saying in the media category, they will use a catalog system. And in the clothing category, when a shopper searches for a particular purple blazer, "We'll show the blazer, not the listings." She said eBay wants to show a higher relevancy and precision in what they are showing shoppers."

So it looks like my information is correct. eBay is going to a catalog system for displaying media listings, probably in some ways similar to or where a there is one page per SKU and then all of the individual product listings are displayed under the product information.

Stephanie's comment is the closest we will come to an answer to my question.

One more thing: Check out this video clip at Yahoo's Tech Ticker, entitled eBay Live: No Walk in the Park for CEO Donahoe

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