Wednesday, April 02, 2008

PeSA/ECMTA eBay Affiliate Marketing Conference Call

PESA / ECMTA Best Practice Round Table Conference call – eBay Affiliate Marketing

With a reward plan of up to a 75% rebate on your final value fees, the eBay Partner Network can generate some serious cash for eBay sellers and after a little bit of setup have it completely automated!

eBay recently announced major changes from their old affiliate program to their new eBay Partner Network program that will launch on 4/1/08. No April fools joke here. We are pleased to announce that we have William Martin-Gill from eBay’s Internet Marketing team at eBay joining PESA on this community conference call to share the new program and best practices for setting up your affiliate program and maximizing your results.

In addition we will have live examples from PESA members who have taken the PESA Rewards program to the extreme and are making additional money by doing nothing more than they already do day-to-day to run their eBay business.

The PESA Rewards program is one of many benefits of PESA membership where members can collectively promote each other’s products and get paid for driving buyers. This is a win-win-win for everyone, PESA members who receive the traffic and buyers, PESA members who drive the traffic and get a commission and eBay. You can find more details about the PESA Reward program at: PESA members can log into their account to get their affiliate links and graphics to help them automate their promotions.

Who Should Attend: Anyone with an online business wanting to make additional money doing what they already do today. You do not need to be selling on eBay to participate.

This call is open to everyone (PESA members and non-PESA members) as we share what is working and what is not working.

When: Thursday 4/3/08 2:00 PM PST (eBay time), 5:00 EST
Where: The PESA / ECMTA phone conference system
How: Dial in Telephone number 404.920.6689 Participant code 615149

The call will be limited to the first 200 callers.

Don't forget to register for the PeSA/ECMTA eCommerce Summit to be held in New Orleans, LA April 22-24th. Register today


Joseph said...

Man, too bad I missed it. I was just surfing the web and found your blog. If I knew earlier, I would've attended it. Would you let me know if you have another conference?

You could reach me at or you could come visit my site and leave your message.

You can click here Affiliate Marketing to visit the site.

Warm Regards,
Joseph Park

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