Tuesday, April 08, 2008

eBay Universal Support for Top Sellers

It appears that eBay is combining eBay and PayPal Support positions into a new organization within the company, called the Universal Account Management program.

It appears that the TSAM group and the PayPal Top Sller groups will now be part of this new organization. It certainly makes sense to have one rep for both eBay and PayPal. Here is the email from eBay to a Top Seller:

"... Recognizing that both of our companies play a critical role in your business, we want to continue to develop our partnership in driving your success. We are inviting you to be one of a few elite sellers to be supported by our new Universal Account Management program.

This new organization, designed specifically for our Top eBay and PayPal sellers, will enable you to work with one dedicated Account Manager to support all of your eBay and PayPal needs. Your new Universal Account Manager will continue to have access to PayPal and eBay resources to leverage, with the added benefit of a single point of contact.

We will be calling you in a few days to talk moreabout this exciting change. "

This new organization could certainly account for the job cuts eBay announced last month, no need for both an eBay and a PayPal rep.

Now instead of calling your TSAM (Top Seller Account Manager) you will have to start calling your UAM (Universal Account Manager). Why couldn't they just keep the TSAM name?

Thanks T for passing this along.

Update: According to RBH at eBay, Inc. "... the Universal Account Manager program is part of the TSAM Program. We have hired our first 4 UAM’s and they are finishing training soon. This training involves substantial PayPal training as these were some of out top TSAM’s."

Basically, it appears they are taking the best TSAM's and training them to be UAM's and UAM's will be the "cream of the crop" in regards to Seller Account Management. My guess is that UAM's will only be available for the "cream of the crop" sellers.


Anonymous said...

One detail that is missing is that not everyone who has a TSAM will have a UAM. This will be a return to the old powerseller program with a select few having a dedicated account manager and everyone else left to the general pool, only this time it will be a pool of TSAM's rather then powerseller reps. Leave it to eBay to keep reinventing the wheel with a new name. Good for those select few that get a UAM, not so good for those that don't.

Randy Smythe said...

I hear ya! Having a TSAM is invaluable when you are dealing with eBay.

Hopefully the 'pool" will be more knowledgeable now that it includes former TSAM's

I hope this change goes smoothly.