Monday, March 31, 2008

Want Exposure on eBay UK? Pay Up!

eBay announced today that beginning in May -- now that is advanced notice -- they would open up eBay UK, Ireland, Canada default search to US sellers willing to pay for the International Visibility upgrade.

Here is the gist of the announcement from Stephanie Tilenius, General Manager eBay North America:

Coming Soon: International Site Visibility Listing Upgrade

In May, we're giving sellers who list on US and Canada sites a better option for international exposure by introducing the International Site Visibility listing upgrade. With this listing upgrade, sellers will be able to list on their local site and pay a
small upgrade fee so that their listing also shows up in the main default search
results to buyers across the Atlantic on – two sites for a great price.

In the US, the fees to use this optional upgrade are as follows:

  • Start Price $0.01 -9.99 - International Site Visibility Listing Upgrade Fee is 10
  • Start Price $10 - 49.99 - International Site Visibility Listing Upgrade
    Fee is 20 cents.
  • Start Price $50+ - International Site Visibility Listing Upgrade
    Fee is 40 cents.

The International Site Visibility listing upgrade offers sellers who want to expand their international business a great value – items with this upgrade show up by default for international buyers in the market selected in addition to the buyers in the seller's own market. This makes international listing economical and easier to manage than listing separately for international sites.

Data shows that depending on the category and start-price, it only takes one or two extra bids from international buyers to make up the cost of the International Site Visibility fee. For PowerSellers, using this feature also ensures that these UK sales are counted towards their Final Value Fee discounts.

Now, I haven't had time enough to digest this announcement yet, to give you my opinion but I will take a look at it and post my 12%. One thing to remember is that the eBay UK, Ireland and Canadian sites are all getting a comparable offer to list on the US site so there will be even greater competition coming from overseas.

Here is a post on the Tamebay blog from the perspective of eBay UK sellers.

My 12% still to come - In the meantime give me yours!


Anonymous said...

This is great! They lower fees then somehow find a way to take all that money back. I sell quite a bit of International packages, so I don't know if this is going to be worth it. $.40 for items over $50 plus the fees that they already charge?? How much more exposure are we going to get?

Randy Smythe said...

Remember that the UK sellers are now going to be showing up in the default search for the US site because they are getting the same offer.

This change happens in May, I think it might be worth testing to see if listing in the default UK search is beneficial at current prices. If it is then it will certainly be beneficial with the new pricing.

Right now, your International sales are probably coming from UK visitors who vist not from those who shop directly from eBay UK.

If UK shoppers change their buying habits and begin buying directly from eBay UK you might see those sales decrease unless you are listed on the UK site.

I'm still trying to figure out if this is a positive or a negative. One thing is for sure, it is another thing to think about in regards to eBay and it certainly won't be the last.

Anonymous said...

See if you can go a whole week without mentioning the "e" word. Bet you can't!

Anonymous said...

I'm seeing a correlation between shabby treatment of sellers with increases in stock price. Are we conditioning them to treat us like shi_?

Anonymous said...

I'm not too worried about UK listings showing up on the US site for this reason: Because the British pound is so much stronger than the US dollar, the prices for items that the UK sellers push to the US site should be quite a bit more expensive on average than the prices from US to US, especially when you factor in the shipping from the UK.

Randy Smythe said...

Anonymous, I wouldn't take that bet. I don't think I could go a whole week without mentioninh the "e" word.

Anon #2 Unfortunately investors don't care about the plight of sellers as long as eBay keeps making money.

Anon #3, yep at least in the sort-term US Sellers should do much better on the UK site then vice-versa.

permacrisis said...

Well Randy you know what this means. It means when ebay wants to "pump" US listings, they won't reach into the UK IRL CA barrels so instead we'll see more Australian Phillipine and Mexican bids.

On second thought, maybe they will and this is the camouflage?

Tony P. said...

All of the UK and AU items that fit within their definition of "collectible categories", have been showing on the .COM site, by default, for the past 6 months within their 'test phase'.

We have been disadvantaged by way of 'dumping foreign' to the tune of 1-3 million listings, constantly available. Prior to this 'test', the UK items showed by default, for years, even when the China items were showing up for free.

This foreign inclusion has not only diluted the site, in general, but has actually smothered some categories/sub-cats, with percentages as high as 50% being UK and AU items. (that helps to prevent Store items from showing - the 30 Item Rule)

This change, opens the way for all categories and monetizes that which was free. The same old ebay story. Get 'em hooked, then charge 'em. As to the Exchange Rate being a determent, it hasn't been so far. The Brits and Aussies need sales just like us.

Randy Smythe said...


They will open this up to other markets as soon as they have data from this move.

They must feel they can control listings now with Best Match so why not throw everything into Core.

Tony P., these are the kinds of moves that get investors excited. More listing revenue means more profit. Unfortunately, for sellers there isn't enough value for the buck.

That said, it would make sense for sellers who sell internationally to test this out. As you said the Brits and Aussies will becaseu they need sales too.

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