Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thanks Matt Ackley! Keep it Up!

I was checking out the eBay Stores board today when I came across a thread called: Traffic Down, No Ebay ads on Google! Normally I would just pass these by but I saw that a Pink (eBay employee) had commented in the thread so I clicked through. I was pleased to see that eBay's VP of Search Marketing was participating in the thread.

I was quite impressed that an eBay Vice President would take time to converse with the sellers on the stores board and even more impressed with the following comment.


Yup, I get it. Our point of view believes that the buyer started on eBay and eventually found something they wanted so the next time they will start on eBay again. We have had vigorous debate on this in other threads and we never seem to come to agreement.

I also believe that we have to do more to align our incentives with yours and I hope as the year goes on you will see that we are trying do that. But until we do, I understand that you only have my words to go by and based on the history of the past three years, those words are probably not comforting.

Matt (bold is mine)

There are executives at eBay that do seem to "get it" and are working hard to make eBay a better place for every stakeholder (buyer, seller, advertiser, employee, investor, and vendor) and when I find one I do like to thank them publicly.

Matt, thanks for effort and the communication.


Tony said...

I worked with Matt in the past and he is a stand-up guy. Tells it like it is and he does the right thing.

Anonymous said...

I too get the feeling that eBay is finally listening to sellers, I mean really listening. Every day I realize that there is a new attitude that has washed over eBay, a new wave of hope and working to find true long term solutions to BIG problems that Meg Whitman basically ignored.

Whitman is out, but a new attitude is in. There is no reason they couldn't have started doing this five years ago. It's little things like this that make me realize a new team is truly in place. (And I say this even as my sales are down since Best Match).

Folks, do not blame the new management for any new changes you don't like. They are simply trying to clean up the mess that Whitman and her Romney-loving crew have let happen over the past 5 years.

Tony P. said...

Hey Randy,

That was an informative thread, wasn't it? Although I posted in that thread, I left out some info that I did come across. I started searching on Google to just see what was up and the results were 'berry intrestin'. When I searched for "iPod" or "Wii" or "Playstation" or even for "DVD movie", I got no paid ebay Ads.

Even more perplexing, I got no "natural" ebay results. Not the first ebay listing, nor ebay search-result page showed up. Not a single one. I then put the word 'ebay' in with those words and got results. It was almost like Google was penalizing any ebay results, unless specifically calling for them.

Then I had a Brain Poot. I searched with the word, Antique, and got ebay results! Used the word, Collectible, and got ebay results. Holy frickin' cow! I put in all sorts of 'Collectibles' words: art glass, Prussia, brewery, Lladro, on and on. Every time, I got paid and natural ebay results.

Some words, like Polaroid, had the potential to produce modern and collectible items. Guess what type was the *only* type of results that showed? Yep, only the collectible type. I'm not sure what the heck has happened, but it is something.

I have never doubted that some people within ebay really do care about all sellers. I do mean ALL sellers. I know some of them personally and they are fine people. Many just like them have left ebay in the recent past because of their difference-of-opinion with the PTB.

Hopefully, there's enough of the good ones left to make amends for the past indiscretions of those PTB. Evidently, it isn't just us 'whining sellers' that believes the past actions of some have been detrimental.

"But until we do, I understand that you only have my words to go by and based on the history of the past three years, those words are probably not comforting." Matt