Tuesday, March 04, 2008

eBay Brain Drain - Today Is A Very Sad Day For Me

I've written a number of eBay “Brain Drain” posts, announcing the departure of key eBay employees, but today's post is the most difficult one of all.

Matt Ledwith, Director of eBay's Seller Experience Team and a key leader of eBay's TSAM (Top Seller Account Manager) group has announced that he will be leaving eBay to take a position with a Financial Services firm.

Matt, was one of my closest friends at eBay and I have always appreciated his ability to get things done. Many top sellers could tell you stories of how Matt helped their business. In my case, he's the first eBay employee I met, when I began selling on eBay and he's the first person I called when I decided to shutdown Glacier Bay. Matt never let me down.

He began his career in the Financial Services industry, so this new position is really like going back to his roots. He worked for Half.com and after the acquisition he moved from Philly to San Jose and started his eBay journey as Category Manager in Media. Over the years he worked in various categories but always directly with the seller. A few years ago he was promoted to Director of Seller Experience. Along the way, Matt became the face of eBay to 100's of eBay sellers and though he couldn't always give them what they wanted he listened gracefully and talked straight. He was a fantastic troubleshooter and you knew he would always be straight with you. IMO, his leaving eBay will create a huge void in the Seller Experience team.

Matt, I wish you the best of luck in your new endeavor and I look forward to getting together when I’m in the Bay area.

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