Tuesday, January 29, 2008

eBay Express UK is Closing Up Shop.

Lost amongst the news coming from the ecommerce summit in Washington DC, is the announcement that eBay Express in the UK is closing down. Here is the post I found at Tamebay.com. I'm wondering how much longer they will keep Express in the US and German markets now that they have decided to shut down the UK site.


adamnash said...

Hi Randy,

The decision to close eBay Express (note correct capitalization) in the UK has no bearing on the US. Unfortunately, eBay made the decision to launch a very closed, very limited version of eBay Express in their country which required sellers to fill out an application to appear on the site. As a result, they never had sufficient inventory to provide a compelling shopping experience.

That, combined with the incredible size of US Stores inventory, meant that while the US site launched with over 25 million items, the UK site launched with less than 1 million, and with very few categories.

Each country (US, DE, UK) used the eBay Express platform to experiment with what they believed would be the most compelling experience based on their local markets. As a result, the performance of each market has been strikingly different.

Hope this helps.

Randy Smythe said...

Adam, I was hoping you would comment. Thanks for providing some insight into what happened.

I just wish they would put some resources behind growing Express rather than just let it grow organically.

Thanks agan!

adamnash said...

You & me both, Randy. You & me both. :)

One of the toughest problems eBay has right now is where to allocate a limited amount of product & technology investment.

Take care.

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