Wednesday, October 03, 2007

eBay Stores Team Asks For Help!

I was bopping around the eBay Stores board when I came across this thread started by an eBay Pink. Helping eBay Stores Win Repeat Buyers

Here is an excerpt: "We are committed to helping you as Store sellers capitalize on the power of building loyalty so that customers want to revisit your Store again and again--and share their satisfied buying experiences. We're opening this discussion to encourage your interest and hear your ideas on how we can leverage eBay Stores as the platform for driving repeat buying. Is it a tool, a feature, an enhancement to an existing product or tool? What would help you as sellers effectively target, market, and sell to repeat buyers?"

Read some of the comments from Storeowners and you will see that in order to get return buyers you have to have someone buy in the first place. The fee to value ratio in stores is upside down. Storeowners are being charged a premium price for less than premium service or exposure. I applaud the Stores Team for reaching out but until senior management realizes that Stores are the future of eBay not Core this is all wasted effort.

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