Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Update to Power Up Newsletter Post.

In a previous post, I asked readers who had received the Power Up newsletter, to forward a copy to me so I could see a particular quote in context. Click on the image to see a readable version.

The quote was: "When sourcing at retail, check the return policy before you buy. If items are returnable, you can always return the inventory if you find it doesn’t sell at a good profit.”

The presumption when reading the quote was that eBay was encouraging buying product and then returning it if it didn't sell. Similar to buying a prom dress and returning it after the prom. Though it isn't the same thing the quote does allow for that conclusion. No retailer likes returns and the suggestion smacks of unethical behavior, so that is probably where most of outrage about this quote came from.

It certainly was a poor choice of wording for a Power Seller newsletter but it doesn't suggest a policy from eBay. Of course It would certainly have been better if someone had read the article before it was sent out and took a moment to think "Should we say this?"

Thanks to a reader for forwarding this to me.

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