Monday, June 18, 2007

What Is It About The eBay Sabbatical?

Ok Chris T, I'm back to writing about eBay.

There are rumors circulating in the blogosphere that Bill Cobb will be taking a 4 week sabbatical sometime this summer -- those rumors have not yet been substantiated. Also, Rob Chesnut has announced he will be taking a sabbatical this year as well. Generally there wouldn't be much news here as a Sabbaticals at eBay are really 4 week vacations which are earned after 5 years of service with the company but over the years many of those leaving on Sabbatical from eBay return only to give their final notice and move on to another job. I am not suggesting this is the case with Bill and Rob but you never know.

I guess the Bill Cobb sabbatical has been confirmed, at least second hand, as Chris Dawson of spoke with Bill at eBay Live.

"Bill is about to take a break from eBay and spend some time with his family. He told me one of his favourite pastimes is golf so he’ll be out on the greens during his time off. It’s a nice little bonus to ensure the green fees don’t hurt his pocket, but currently we don’t know when he’ll be returning to eBay after his break."

I certainly hope Bill and Rob enjoy there time off.


Sue said...

The eBay Town Hall page now says "Please join us again in August as Bill Cobb and our regular Town Hall panelists answer your questions and listen to your suggestions about eBay." So I guess he's coming back!

Randy Smythe said...

Sue, some use the sabbatical to re-energize and some use it to re-evaluate. I'm not sure which Bill is doing. Based on my own observations, he may return but I don't believe he will see the Mew Year.

That is strictly my opinion so I could be way off base. A name I've heard as a replacement is Gary Briggs should Bill Cobb leave. Again, this is pure speculation.