Monday, April 16, 2007

eBay on Oprah!

I saw that eBay Trust and Safety “Czar” Rob Chestnut was interviewed on a recent Oprah show regarding online fraud. BTW, thanks to Scot Wingo for posting this because I’m not really an Oprah watcher.

The show dealt with online fraud and the transcript can be found here. If you are an online buyer or seller this would be a good article to read.

As Scot said in his post “Unfortunately it's never a positive when there's someone with Oprah's reach out there associating eBay+fraud so I think it was a net negative.”

eBay, faces a very difficult PR battle both with Buyers on the fraud front and with Sellers on the glitch, exposure and fees front. The only eBay group that seems to be happy right now is investors. Going on Oprah is a major move by eBay in this PR war -- the eBay brand is tarnished right now.

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