Wednesday, April 18, 2007

eBay May Stumble Upon New Acquisition!

According to Michael Arrington over at the Techcrunch blog, eBay is rumored to be in talks with Stumble Upon to buy the company. He says sources put the price at between $40 to $70 million.

Maybe eBay has learned their lesson in regards to buying early rather than waiting (ala StubHub) until the price gets too high. Wait a year and the price will be upwards of $200 million.

An interesting recent development at eBay, to lend creedance to this rumor, is that eBay's Jim Ambach just announced that eBay would be allowing sellers to link to video hosted on approved sites. Video stumbling has been the driving force behind the huge growth at Stumble Upon!

BTW, I regularly Stumble (see my recent stumbles at my squidoo lens) and this will be a nice addition to the eBay fold. I think we will be Stumbling Upon some shopping in the near future.


evanp.on.ebay said...


You have so many good insights about things eBay why don't you come to the PeSA Summit ( next week in Chicago and hang out with a bunch of folks that think like you?


Randy Smythe said...

Evan, unfortunately scheduling issues won't allow me to attend the PESA summit.

Thanks for the invite though

Matthew C. Keegan said...

Hi Randy,

eBay and Stumble Upon -- that makes for an interesting combination.

I hadn't realized that you were on Stumble Upon, so I added you as a friend.

You can find me here:

Happy stumbling!