Thursday, April 26, 2007

eBay Feedback 2.0 is Here!

I've written about this before at The Seller Evangelist but since the change is imminent for the US site I figured I would revisit it.

Here is eBay's announcement regarding Feedback 2.0

Here is Scot Wingo's View after speaking with UK Sellers who have had Feedback 2.0 for about 8 weeks. "So far everyone has a 4.5-5.0 stars on their DSRs so how will this help eBay differentiate sellers from each other."

Here is Biddy's view from the Tamebay Blog.

Now my view:
I don't think Feedback 2.0 will have as much impact on sellers as many think. Most buyers are lazy and if the transaction was favorable they will either not make the effort to rate the transaction further or give it all fives. The negative people are of course going to be negative regardless. If as Scot said everyone has a 4.5 to 5 Star rating this new Feedback is as pointless as the old.

Take it from a guy who had 267,000 positive feedback and maintained a 99% rating until the month I closed down, feedback is pointless after you get 1,000 or more positives. Look at the Media Category, Movie Mars is the largest media seller on eBay and they have a 98.1 feedback rating but has that affected their sales? Not in the least. They are the lowest price so they get the sale most of the time. It may impact smaller sellers with under 1,000 feedback but those sellers are usually the ones doing everything right.

So, adding star ratings to feedback is not going to have any affect. Most, if not all, sellers will rank 4.5 to 5 stars in each category. This is a huge PR move for eBay to reach out to buyers and nothing else.

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Biddy said...

You're right...*but* I see this is being handled as badly in the US as it was in the UK.

eBay are incapable of selling the idea of FB2 to sellers: instead, they're making it into a buyers vs. sellers situation and acting like they side with the buyers, when in fact what they should be saying is "look, this is going to make buyers feel happier, and won't make a blind bit of difference either way to most sellers".

It's going back to your earlier post about implied contracts: sellers understandably feel threatened by FB2, and surely someone in SJC could appreciate that and take a little time out to put some effort into helping sellers work through it.