Friday, April 20, 2007

eBay's New Search - Death for Stores!

Please see my update to this post here.

I thought I was seeing things for a second but nope it was really happening. eBay must be testing their new "exciting" search. Here's a picture.

It is happening site wide, according to the discussion boards. Store sellers are emailing me telling me their sales have been non-existent for most of the day.

Maybe this is the answer to all the clutter on the site -- don't show anything -- that will improve the buying experience. Store Sales are in the Toilet.

Take a close look, notice the Yahoo Sponsored ads are still showing up. But not the store item. Wouldn't you think they would want to show the one item available. Remember the slogan "Whatever IT is you can find IT on eBay. IMHO Store sellers should call eBay and ask for credits on their store fees. This is absolutely rediculous. eBay should experiment on their own dime not the hard earned money of store sellers.
This is almost too funny! Apparently eBay is now calling this a "glitch". This was no glitch! I have confirmation they have been testing the the new "finding" capability (why can't they just call it search like everyone else in the world) According to this stores thread the eBay Stores Team came back with this response.

"Thank you for writing in to the Stores Team. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. Please note that we made the Finding Team aware of this issue and they quickly corrected it. Regards, eBay StoresK3"
Store owners there may no longer be a fee increase in your future but there will certainly be less exposure.


Adam said...

Randy, this is not an eBay test.

eBay is testing many new search improvements, but showing the stores expansion header without items below it is not one of them. This is a bug, and one that eBay is working to fix as soon as possible.

Take care.

Randy Smythe said...

Adam, thanks for responding. I emailed the PR department and never got a response.

You might mention to somebody there that this glitch is costing sellers sales. Several sellers have reported to me up to 40% fewer sales than normal.

Also, many sellers (mostly store sellers) are losing faith in eBay. They see record profits in the news and constant turmoil in the marketplace.

Management needs to communicate better with the sellers.

Media sellers are very worried. Jim A. should call the top media sellers to see how stressed they are about the future.

You do a great job of communicating and I appreciate your efforts. I appreciate you letting me know.