Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Is eBay Worth it?

I came across a great thread today on the eBay Store Discussion board that illustrates the problems facing some eBay sellers. Please check it out and leave your comments here on the blog.

eBAY - for the average person (selling) is a waste of effort.

To be fair, this is the OP (Original Poster's) viewpoint and a great many sellers still view eBay as a great way to make extra cash, a second income or a primary income as you will see in some of the responses to the OP. Many enjoy the process, so they don't care what they make on an hourly basis and others are still doing well in the Marketplace.

Discussion Board warning: Some comments are a little over the top but I think this thread presents at least a slice of the eBay seller prespective. It is interesting none-the-less.