Thursday, February 15, 2007

Question! Do You Still Like Selling on eBay?

This morning, I came across a thread on the eBay Stores Discussion board entitled: Is there anyone here who still likes selling on ebay? I was pleased to see some of the answers. It is apparent that many sellers have moved from the "I Love to Sell on eBay" camp to the "I Can still Make a Little Money" camp but over all it looks like Sellers still like it.

Here is one post I really enjoyed:

bribaiki (851 ) View Listings Report Feb-15-07 08:02 PST 43 of 43
I Love selling as well!

I love the people I come into contact with here whether it be my buyers, sellers or people on the boards...I look forward to it everyday

I'm a stay at mom to 3 children, and hubby works crazy hours, so it really works for me. No need to find daycare or figure out who will stay home with the children if they are sick from school, my kids all play sports, so it allows me to be active in that and not have to worry who will bring them to their games or practices...whatever it may be. I used to work in a field that "never closes" and so does my holidays...that could get tough, can't leave the little ones home alone on x-mas.

It also gives me the opportunity to actually sell things that I love to make and do all the time anyway! I love crafting, always have...but gee, how much of it can I have hanging around the house LOL!

And best of all...I pretty much do what I love, being with my family, making my widgets, coming in contact with wonderful people from all over and making some extra money all at the same time! Can't beat it.

I don't expect to get rich or anything, but overall, I do better here than I would working outside the home "part-time"...we've tried that route as well... lol .

So despite the certain negative aspects that we all know of and don't particularly love, (but then again, no matter what you do or where you work, there are always some negative aspects in any job...)

I still love selling here.

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Anonymous said...

Biddy said...

Nice post! I think it's far too easy to get bogged down in what we *don't* like about eBay, when there really is so much that I love about selling here. And even on the days I want to make voodoo dolls of Bill Cobb and co., I still have much less to complain about than in any place I was ever employed.

Randy Smythe said...

Yeah, it beats having a job. Sellers just need to realize the gravy train has left the station in most eBay categories. Multi-channel is the only sure way of continuing to grow.

Every seller I've spoken with hits the growth wall at some point. Some categories earlier than others.

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