Monday, December 11, 2006

New Management at eBay!

Things continue to change at Last month Phillip Justus was brought on board at company headquarters to oversee the CORE business and this week it was announced that Michael Linton the former Chief Marketing Officer at Best Buy, Inc. will be heading up eBay's Marketplace businesses (, Stores, Express, eBay Canada and Motors)

I think this is a smart move and hopefully will bring about some much needed changes in the eBay’s marketplace businesses. There may still be hope for the stores platform.

I have one question though, what is left for Bill Cobb to do? It seems to me that these two executives are taking over the two largest business segments on and according to the announcements will report to Bill Cobb. It seems odd to me that ebay is adding to their management ranks rather than streamlining their business units. I can't help think this is a precursor to a not to distant announcement regarding Bill Cobb’s future at eBay. Of course that is pure speculation on my part.

More changes at eBay's Skype - It's been an interesting year for Skype managers as the tug-of-war between original Skypers and the eBay managers sent to mold Skype continued. Now it looks like the original Skype managers have won.