Friday, December 01, 2006

More on Overstock and Patrick Byrne's Message Board Post

I've read Patrick's post several times and honestly I feel his pain. So often message boards posters go over the line of decency when complaining. I've noticed it on the eBay boards, the local High School football boards, etc.

What amuses me is the post's following Patrick's. They are all cheery and thankful while those same members were not so kind when they thought Patrick wasn't listening.

At no time is it ever reasonable to attack someone personally. Whether they be Pinks on the eBay message boards, employees of Overstock or Customer Service Reps. at your vendor. It is completely unacceptable!

When I was selling online I occasionally had to do exactly what Patrick did "fire the customer" It was our company policy that if a customer used profanity the CSR gave them one opportunity to calm down and if they didn't they were encouraged to call back when they could be reasonable. Very rarely did I have to fire a customer. What happened to old saying "treat them like you want to be treated"?

You get better results with honey then you do with vinegar.

Patrick has posted a new message to sellers asking for suggestions.