Tuesday, November 21, 2006

eBay 20 cent Listing Promo - Today 11/21

Wow! Another listing sale for CORE listings. I guess the only way eBay can increase CORE listings is by discounting substantially. Apparently raising fees on store listings didn't do the trick. I no longer hear the phrase "rebalancing the marketplace" coming from eBay. This sale is scheduled to end on "Cyber Monday" the busiest internet shopping day of the year so I can understand the reason for this sale but why have 3 sales over the last 4 weeks? Could it be that CORE no longer is the option of choice unless eBay discounts substantially?

Listings Sales are great in theory but they also have a negative effect on the marketplace as a whole (at least for sellers). Because of the increased number of listings in CORE, stores sales see a drop in unit sales of between 25% and 30% during the sale and CORE conversion rates decrease substantially becausee of the increased competition.

So far this year eBay has run 10 CORE listing sales on the US site alone(a 100% increase in listings sales over 2005) and my guess is they aren't done yet. With 3 sales in the last 30 days something must be up in eBay land.


Frank Ross said...

Randy, I don't think is the optimal time frame for most sellers to run core listings. I think many sellers work around major holidays assuming that there will be poor traffic on and around them. Perhaps this is eBay's cheerleading way of trying to stimulate sales for these periods.

I didn't realize however, there was a trend toward running more of them (I'm glad someone is keeping track of these things!). I also did not realize there was a see-saw relationship between core sales and store listings. Great point! I tend to see them working together in our case; most of our store sales come by way of core listings. I don't have a lot of outside links or specialized marketing pointing to our eBay store and am hesistant to invest in that work. But this is a great post, thanks

Randy Smythe said...

Frank, they've run this Thanksgiving time promotion for the last 2 years now because it is traditionally the time when holiday shoppers start making their purchases. I would agree that almost every other holiday period during the year is a bad time to list CORE items and Thursday and Friday's sales will not be that great. Thanks for your comments.