Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What’s happening to eBay’s top sellers?

According to a list of the top 10,000 eBay sellers as of September 2006, generated by Sellathon.com a site that tracks eBay sellers by their feedback, some disturbing trends are developing:
  • 25% (8) of the top 32 US sellers (129,714 feedback or greater) are either NARU (Not A Registered User) or are inactive (No longer sell on the site)
  • 8% of the top 500 sellers worldwide are either NARU (Not A Registered User) or are inactive (No longer sell on the site)
  • My former ID GlacierBayDVD is still #8 even though I haven’t been doing business on ebay since mid February of 2006.
  • The top 4 feedback sellers on eBay are the same company (Eforcity, EverydaySource, Itrimming, and AccStation)

Some more facts:

  • The top 10,000 eBay sellers range from 8333 feedback at position #10,000 to 410,805 at position #1
  • 9594 ebay sellers in the top 10,000 have less than 50,000 feedback.
  • 2 Top sellers have recently been suspended for 7 - 14 days due to VERO violations. Both sellers are long term Power Sellers.

I believe that if we check this list again in February of 2007 the number of top Power Sellers NARU or no longer active will more than double.


Anonymous said...

Ebay as the next Evil Empire

I am sad to hear that many sellers are facing issues with the Trust & Safety (T&S) guys. I have been selling on ebay for five years and given the rate of account suspensions that are happening everyday to ebay sellers, it makes me wonder what the T&S department is up to.The reasons for such blunders could be attributed to: T&S Department is staffed by incompentent staff and that is why it so so screwed up. Or worse still, ebay may be facing its biggest enemy from within, corruption.
I thought I should give my three cents worth of thoughts on the abuse of power by these guys and draw the similarity between what is happening to ebay now with what is happening or has happened in many corrupt countries.
For many who have done business overseas, this scenario may be familiar to you. Russian officials getting in the way of foreign investors, hindering or suspending daily operations, making conditions very difficult for foreign investors, eventually forcing the companies to close down. While all this is happening, some companies related to the cloonies are snatching market share from the victims. Imagine , all these cases of corruption and outright abuse of power are being carried out all in the name of trust and safety of their economic systems.
The T&S people are being entrusted with such vast powers that it often reminds me of those officials in communist countries. Officials with vested interested, who crush rival competition, all in the name of trust and safety. How can we sellers on ebay be sure that T&S is not compromising our interests in gnereal, especially there are no guidelines to prevent ebay staff from trading? Give the limitless powers that T&S officials have over our trading activities, how can we be sure that they are not selling while our accounts are being suspended?
Given such an appalling rate of mistaken suspensions, T&S staff should be held accountable, especially when their actions affect the livelihood of many small time sellers.
A few years ago, a few banks were brought to the courts over such conflicts of interests. It is time, for corrupt ebay offiicials to be brought to justice.

Frank Ross said...

Randy as a fairly new powerseller I feel as though perhaps I on a sinking ship. However, I am looking at eBay for a sales channel not THE sales channel and also for customer aquisition.

Randy Smythe said...

Frank - That is the proper approach. Just keep your marketing budget under control. Good Luck!